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why volunteers are the lifeblood of amateur sports

the lifeblood of amateur sports Hundreds of thousands of people volunteer at the 150,000+ grassroots sports clubs across the UK. Without them, these clubs would simply cease to function. Grassroots sports depends on the generosity of everyday people to help out and support not-for-profit entities in their endeavours. While funding opportunities can go a long […]

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the mental health effects of grass roots sports

how grassroots sports supports the uk’s mental well-being Grassroots sport provides an incredibly important role in the wellbeing of our nation. From the youngest participants through to the oldest volunteers, it provides a vital service for local communities. From personal development and fitness to fostering a sense of purpose and belonging, its benefits are manifold. […]

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why you should start a sports lottery with my club

why my club lotto works The advantage of starting your own lottery compared to conventional fundraising methods is that there’s minimal effort on your part. We will do most of the work for you and it’s a self-facilitating online product. You just need to sell tickets, which we can also help you with if needed. […]