Why repeat income might be better for your club than fundraisers

Fundraising for sports is a bit of an art.  You have to be creative with it, and explore different techniques to get the most out of it. Anyone who sticks to the same ideas all the time does so at their peril. This is why it’s vital to mix and match big moments in your fundraising calendar alongside ongoing endeavors which bring in recurring income for your sports club.

Fundraisers vs recurring income

Big fundraisers are great, but they take a lot of time and organisation, and the results are wildly unpredictable. They tend to require a lot of people power, and when you’re a club admin with dozens of things on your to-do list, there’s only so far you can stretch yourself mentally and physically. Projects that bring in recurring income can help fill in those gaps. After a little initial set up effort, the maintenance in driving these revenue streams can be much less labour-intensive than other fundraising drivers.

 My Club Group specialises in helping clubs find these recurring revenue streams, helping them to become more sustainable with the minimum of effort. 

How we can help your club generate recurring income

  • My Club Lotto: a branded lottery portal for your club where you earn 45p on each ticket purchased by your fans, and where they can win prizes ranging up to a £25,000 jackpot
  • My Club Market: our white-label affiliate retail portal where your club can earn 10% commission on sales of 1000s of brand-name sports, exercise, healthy and beauty items purchased by your fans.

My Club Lotto generates a high percentage of Direct Debit sign-ups from players, guaranteeing participating clubs more revenue for long. My Club Market is focused on building repeat sales from users, with great deals, discounts, sales and offer codes helping to boost this.

Get started generating recurring revenue today 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get set up with any or all of these great recurring income products today and start earning more for your club.

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