How we helped grassroots sports clubs fundraise over £50,000 in 2022

Our mission at My Club is to support grassroots clubs

However they need. What’s standing between you and the dreams of what your club can achieve? For many people, that’s money. And that’s why we offer multiple fundraising solutions for grassroots teams.

No matter your plans, we have the ability to help you find the money. We’ve helped over 300 clubs raise funds in the past year – totalling over £50,000 in grants and lotto funding, and we want to help you.


Our expert grants team know the funds that are supporting grassroots sports teams at the moment, and the specific areas different organisations are looking to support. We use our experience to handle the application process from start to finish to give you the best shot at being successful, on a no win no fee basis. It’s never been easier to get the cash injection your club needs.


Our fun, easy, and free-to-run lottery gives your members and supporters the chance to donate a little each month – with the potential for both of you to win big if they get lucky in the prize draw or win the jackpot. It’s a little way to bring in a lot of money over the year, and a handy way for supporters to help.

Helping support grassroots sports clubs is our biggest mission here at My Club – so please get in touch if you think there’s any way we can help you this year.

why join my club?

We’re here to support grassroots sports clubs. We have a range of products and services to make it easy for you to make and save money – so you can focus on your members and your team.



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