What sports do we offer custom kits for?

What sports do we offer custom kits for?

We’re proud to have provided custom kit to hundreds of grassroots sports teams in the UK. While we started out with football kit and rugby kit, we’ve really enjoyed getting to work with teams of all sports and sizes on getting their ideal kit.


Here are some examples of the kit we’ve had the pleasure of creating:


We worked with Findon Flyball on their bright shirts.


We’ve created kits for not one but two Morris Dancing clubs! Here’s Noveaux Morris Dancers.


Have you ever played Shinty? We made these shirts for the English Shinty Association.


Have you even heard of Hado? Look at these brilliant custom tops for the Fighting Mongooses.


And finally, we even worked with a trading card team – Yuna Yung Team.


The point is – whatever sport you play, we can help create the perfect kit for you and your team. Whether it’s a world famous sport or something weird and wonderful – we’re here for you to help you create your dream custom design.

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We’re here to support grassroots sports clubs. We have a range of products and services to make it easy for you to make and save money – so you can focus on your members and your team.



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