Rugby World Cup

Custom Rugby Kits: The Magic of RWC 2023 and My Club spirit 

The Rugby World Cup is underway

The anticipation is mounting all over the world. Hosted in France, the event promises to showcase the pinnacle of what the sport has to offer. Let’s take a moment to discover what My Club has to offer to rugby enthusiasts and local clubs.

We are more than just a custom rugby kit provider; we offer a platform where your club’s dreams can be represented through personalised kits. We stand by the belief that every club, no matter the size, has a right to shine brightly. Be it a neighbourhood club or a school team, My Club is dedicated to helping you design your journey to victory!

Photograph: Thomas Serer

As the world comes together to cheer for their favourite teams in the World Cup, it’s essential to channel the same enthusiasm and support towards our local clubs. At My Club, our commitment to the sport goes beyond being mere spectators. We offer custom sports kits that allow you to be part of something larger.

You can now create your own unique and personalised kit with our Kit Designer. Choose from a variety of colours, patterns, and materials to make it special. You can even add your team’s logo or your own branding.

Our tool makes it easy to upload and include custom graphics on your kit. No more settling for generic designs – make it your own!

As we gear up for the matches, let’s also honour the small-scale clubs, the hometown heroes, and the grassroots players. It’s time to celebrate, support, and recognise them for their contributions to the sport.

Remember, My Club is here to stand with you in your rugby journey.

Cheering not just for the best teams but for every team and player. May the best team win!

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We’re here to support grassroots sports clubs. We have a range of products and services to make it easy for you to make and save money – so you can focus on your members and your team.



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